Tuesday, 22 March 2011

DiGi Easy Prepaid gives you FREE calls & SMS to your “buddyz”.

DiGi Easy Prepaid gives you FREE calls & SMS to your “buddyz”.

Nowadays when DiGi gives something for FREE, I need to think twice, “how long will it be free?” Anyway, if it could benefit you until it is no longer free, then this is still useful isn’t it? ;)
So what is exactly free with DiGi Easy Prepaid? Have you heard of Friends & Family (FnF) ? I am sure all DiGi users are familiar with this.  They still retain FnF in the new prepaid plan but only limited to 3 numbers. Does it look bad? Actually no, because the other 3 number is under their new feature which is called “Buddyz”. Alright, what the heck is this Buddyz? This is where things comes for FREE :) . For these 3 Buddyz numbers, you can call and sms for free.
Not only that, you will also get 10 FREE sms to any network when you reload RM10 :) . Yeah, it is all for free (but hopefully they don’t come up with silly restriction later like how they did for DiGi Campus). Oh ya, another thing that is worth to mention. You will only be charged a maximum of RM3 per day for your internet usage (the old plan was RM5 maximum, am I right? )
Below is the plan table :
* Please click on the image for larger view.
The unfortunate thing about this new plan is, if you are a DiGi Prepaid (RM1) user, you cannot convert this plan. Yes, you have read that right. Conversion from other plans are allowed except for :
  1. DiGi Prepaid (after daily usage reaches RM1)
  2. DiGi Biz Prepaid
  3. DiGi Family Prepaid
  4. Edisi Khas
  5. Prepaid Internet
  6. DiGi Prepaid™ Campus
If you are on any other DiGi prepaid plans except for those above, you can change to this DiGi Easy Prepaid for RM3 (yes, RM3 will be deducted from your credit).
Alright, now let’s discuss about the core features of this prepaid plan which is Buddyz :) . Similar to Friends & Family (FnF), you can add another number into your Buddyz list. It is only limited to a maximum of 3 numbers & all these 3 numbers must only be DiGi numbers (but it can be under any plan, prepaid & postpaid). The 1st 3 addition is FREE. After you have used up all the 3 slots, you will be charged if you want to change any of those numbers. How much will you be charged? It will be RM10 per change. Quite expensive compared to FnF change isn’t it? Well, since you can call those numbers for free, I think RM10 is fine :)
So, do you have any questions? Let’s discuss about it here :)
UPDATE 2/10/2010 : As for calls, you can’t call it entirely free. There is a limit of 60 hours per month. This is what DiGi says at their T&C :
If the Subscriber consistently exceeds the usage of 60 hours a month of FREE Calls, DiGi reserves the right to disable the Buddyz™ call feature without any notice. As such, the Subscriber shall continue the service thereafter without the Buddyz™ feature. It must be emphasized that DiGi shall not provide any notice whatsoever to the Subscriber prior to or after exceeding such limit.
Obviously you are at risk of being converted to normal plan but hey, 60 hours per month is huge. It will be about 2 hours per day :) . If you want to speak longer than that, you might as well go & meet up the person directly.
Another thing worth mentioning. As for the free SMS that you will get when you top up, it will only be a maximum of 30 SMS given at a time. So you may not want to top up more than RM30 at a time. :P
It is better to read up their T&C to understand better on the limitations of DiGi Easy Prepaid (LINK)
UPDATE 5/11/2010 : DiGi Easy Prepaid sim pack’s price is now RM16.80. You can still find some old stock for RM10.80 (if you are lucky and the dealer is not updated about this) but DiGi has officially increased the price to RM16.80. Pre-loaded credit is still the same – RM8.00.


Lim wei leong said...

Why my Digi Easy Prepaid got limited call time for buddyz, it say Every Month Limited Digi:digi 33hour20minute

najlaa' alyahya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
najlaa' alyahya said...

"If you are on any other DiGi prepaid plans except for those above, you can change to this DiGi Easy Prepaid for RM3 (yes, RM3 will be deducted from your credit)."
can you please tell me how to do this? i mean, how to switch plan? thanks :)

Clement Chuo said...

err hey may i ask...Now imma wanted to change back my postpaid to prepaid...so from No.1 stated above means is possible to change to buddyz right?

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